Empowering Success in Higher Education

Through Risk Management and Strategy

Collaborating to navigate complex challenges, achieve goals, and optimize operations.

Navigating Success:
Unlocking Your Potential in an Uncertain World

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Risk Management

Specializing in helping higher education institutions navigate potential risks while promoting sustainable growth. By leveraging evidence-based interventions and developing new strategies that consider risk factors, institutions stay resilient in the face of uncertainty. Our goal is to minimize potential risks and help institutions thrive in a constantly changing landscape.

Education expertise

We understand the unique challenges facing higher education institutions today. That's why we provide expertise in improving student outcomes and increasing access to education. We contribute to education policy, develop evidence-based interventions, and collaborate with other education professionals to share best practices and conduct research that informs policy and practice. Our focus is on empowering institutions to provide high-quality education and achieve their goals.

Financial expertise

We help institutions manage costs, increase funding, and improve financial practices. We develop new financial strategies, provide financial management services, and advocate for policies that benefit institutions. Our goal is to help institutions achieve financial stability and sustainability, so they can focus on providing excellent education to students.

Meet the Expert

Stacy Conte

I am a results-driven professional with a strong academic background and broad multinational experience. My expertise includes strategic planning, process improvement, enterprise risk management, coaching, and organizational dynamics. I possess strong analytical, interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills, and I excel both individually and in a team environment.

Skills I


I have over 20 years of experience working in the Fortune 500 environment. Some of my notable achievements during this time include:

Stacy is insightful, supportive, and energizing. She has a unique skill set in that she is a strategist and a thought provoker. She helped me retain focus and encouraged creativity. Her interaction is a tailored approach. I have a unique occupation, and our interactions were extremely helpful.

Trader on the NYSE

Education &


M.A Learning, Design, and Technology, Georgetown University, May 2023
Course Work – University as a Design Problem, Studies in Higher Education, Technology and Innovation by design, Learning Analytics, Methods of Learning, Gamification.
MBA Management, Iona College – LaPenta School of Business, July 2021



I offer a science-based approach complemented by positive psychology and energy leadership coaching to help you identify individuals’ “why” and “how” to achieve their goals.

Tailored Strategies

Everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, and with the proper support, anyone can succeed. That's why I work to create a plan tailored to unique needs and desires. My client sets the speed of their path, and I provide the support and guidance for them to stay on track.

Corporate Workshops

I curate corporate workshops to help organizations build a diverse and innovative workforce by providing internal training on a variety of topics. Each workshop is customized to meet the organization's specific needs and can be delivered online, in person, or in a hybrid format. I provide a workbook complete with resources and tools at every workshop.

Some topics I cover include:

Accredited Coaching

I am a certified Prosci Change Management practitioner. As a certified coach, I am a member of the International Coach Federation (IFC) and have completed certifications from the NeuroLeadership Institute, Wholebeing Institute, and Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

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