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Create forward motion, physically and mentally

Experience the power of Walk Coaching, where physical exercise enables focused presence. Join me at a serene Westchester County location to benefit from the calming effects of nature.

Benefits of engaging

Walk coaching engages the body in physical exercise, freeing the mind to focus on the here and now. The physical act of walking helps the flow of energy between you and me. Nature helps us feel spacious and allows the mind to quieten down. A Walk and Talk is a powerful way to support and challenge your progress. Research from Stanford found that walking boosts inspiration and creative output by an average of 60%.

We will meet at a beautiful location in Westchester County that offers quiet countryside walks for one hour (approximately 3 miles) at a convenient time for you and me.

Walk and Talk

Walking workshops are physically active, less formal, more sensory, and increase creative thought. Social support helps motivate and guide you along our path, thus ultimately promoting the realization of a wide variety of goals, including those concerning work, relationships, and personal growth. All workshops offer positive feedback, encouragement, and warmth.

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Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.

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Henry David Thoreau

walk and talk coaching

Walk and Talk

10-Session Package:

 (This package can be a mix of in-person, zoom, or walk and talk). You choose!

**Note that in-person and zoom are $400 per hour. This package may be less than $5,000 depending on what you choose.

Stacy is insightful, supportive, and energizing. She has a unique skill set in that she is a strategist and a thought provoker. She helped me retain focus and encouraged creativity. Her interaction is a tailored approach. I have a unique occupation, and our interactions were extremely helpful.
Trader on the NYSE
Stacy is smart and enthusiastic. She has a continuous desire for learning and is invested in helping people reach their goals. She is supportive and easy to relate to.
Joan O’Hanlon Curry
MOTHER, Director of Nursing, Oncology
The Mount Sinai Hospital


Schedule a free consultation with me to get to know each other and identify opportunities for your growth. We will craft YOUR action plan together. I will answer your questions so we can begin our journey together. Take this next step to increase your resilience, productivity, and engagement.

10 Week Walk and Talk
Workshop (Fall 2023)

5 person attendee cap

Session A

Sept. 9 - Nov. 11

Every Saturday from 8am – 9am, September 9 through November 11.

Session B

Sept. 9 - Nov. 11

Every Saturday from 9:30am – 10:30am, September 9 through November 11.

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